Monday, July 21, 2008

SantoGold's Central Park gig

Hey Bloggers,
Just caught Santogold's Central Park gig yesterday. It was blistering hot and sticky here in NYC but that did not stop Ms. Santogold from putting on an excellent and professional show. She definitely lived up to all the hype. I only knew 2 songs and one video going in to this show but the rest of her tight but not very long show (no encore!) were also pretty strong for the most part. I can understand the comparisons to MIA. They move and resemble each other from a distance and they both mix an eclectic mix of music influences that work. The major difference being cultural. Whereas MIA uses more world music influences infused with western contemporary dance music, Ms. SantoGold has a strong 1980s influence mixed with cutting edge beats and samples via her crew. Not the wimpy 1980s groups like the Cure and The Smiths and all the other fruit Cake romantic English stuff like Spandeau Ballet etc. but more like edgy, underground alternative bands like America's Missing Persons and UK's The Police. Her voice is very similar to Ms. Bozio's of Missing Persons. She and her crew have an understanding of melody and dynamics which is rare nowadays. Some of her set/songs would be great songs to cruise cranking in your car on long trips. It was a truly eclectic mixed crowd which is why I love NYC and Artists like Ms. SantoGold who build bridges between different socio-economic groups based on extracting different elements from a variety of sources that cover a lot of musical turf. I also must mention her great back up Women dancers who were very powerful in their military style choreography and presentation. Especially cool was the amount of time they remained perfectly still - a very Eastern use of Zen like non-movement and the power that it carries in a hyper movement modern world. It harked back to Public Enemy's use of military type back up performers back in the day yo'. I must say I was slightly disappointed that she did not do a encore but if her goal was to leave us hungry for more - it worked! You were totally AWES! (short for awesome) Anyway - if you or any of your people ever read this blog, you should contact me because I have a great song that would be perfect for your band and I know it would be a big hit -it has hooks up the wazoo!

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