Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Welcome to my NYC Critique Blog!

Dear Blogosphere,

Welcome to my new Blog. I was one of the very first Bloggers but I burned out very quickly as I was young and too busy to sit in front of a computer and blab my life away. But now I am older and go out at night much less and have time to sit in front of a computer and blab my life away. Actually this is the beginning of my career as a critic of all things but mostly the fine arts to begin with. Music, Film, Art, Literature etc.. As I have a pretty impressive resume in the Arts and Entertainment fields and have lived in NYC going on 20 years, I feel I have a more valid viewpoint then your average critic who is usually well educated but talentless. I am both well educated and have a ton of talent. But enough about me. Let's get to business.

Let's start with the best medium of our time which is film/movies. Being only 100 years young is one of the reasons films can still astound and be a profound story telling multi-media device. With the advent of CGI, it has risen to new levels. Also the cutting edge 3D films presented by Sony Imax are amazing use of technology to tell stories. Yet decent CGI does not insure a great or even mediocre film. Such is the case with the latest Hulk movie. It stunk. A real bomb. Horrible. Please don't even rent the DVD. I read this comic when I was a kid. The Hulk was funny. To see the brilliant scientist David Banner turn into the primitive yet sensitive and funny Hulk was the whole thing for me. Hulk would talk like a funny cave man at his enemies. He would always say things in the third person such as "Hulk smash you!" or "Hulk not understand" or "Hulk Lonely". Funny and sometimes sympathetic simple statements. The comic book Hulk was a likable and funny Frankenstein. The movie Hulk was more like a distant and cold King Kong. The script was boring and every scene was so predictable and the film seemed more a slow and very linear video game you know by heart. No imaginative twists or turns or surprises in the story line at all! Really bad! Could Marvel Studios not afford to hire the best script writers in Hollywood? Liv Tyler is a horrible, limited actress. She could get away with it when she had perfect skin and no real dialog like in the Lord of the Rings trilogy but she needs some acting lessons real fast. Why did Edward Norton not put up a fuss about this crappy script? He is one of Hollywood's leading hot Box $$$ office Men. He is even a decent writer himself as he proved in Selma Hyack's fine film about the Mexican folk Artist Frida Kielo which was well directed by Julie Taymore whom we shall forgive for her Across the Universe debacle as a well intentioned bomb. She bit off more then she could chew with the Beatles music. Anyway surely Mr. Norton is in a position to say something to the Director and Producers? Robert Downey Jr. did make a fuss about the Iron Man script and he had to audition for it as well and thus was in a much less bargaining position then Mr. Norton. I think this tells you something about Mr. Downey's integrity and his good instincts on what stinks and what does not. Iron Man was excellent. Decent story with some nice twists and turns as well as a good moral about the ugliness of War. Also great use of CGI. Excellent casting. Mr. Downey brought a refreshing loose and not stale or stiff acting style to his self made mechanical super hero. Mr. Bridges was a great antagonist and Mr. was a a great straight Man for Mr. Downey's smart alec style. Gwyneth Paltro was bearable. I'm not a big fan of hers. One of the worst ripp offs in Oscar history was her beating out Kate Blanchette in Elizabeth for her boring role in Shakespeare in Love. What a bi-est Hollywood insider travesty that was! Poor Kate! Well I guess you have had the last laugh with a much better career path and body of work. Back to the new Marvel studios franchise - one big hit - Iron Man and one big miss - The Hulk (for the second time!) Let the Hulk rest in peace Mr. Lee. Your company will break even or may even make a small profit in spite of your failure. It's amazing what bombs will get made for the many millions in Hollyweird. At least you got it right with Iron Man.

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